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revolution travel :

We are a group of young boys who about a year ago took up a new business for improve our reality.

We evaluated all the possibilities of Network Marketing on the market in order to find the most exclusive and right one for us and after months of research we got to know MWR Life , a private American company founded in 2013 and Yoni Ashurov and its private platform Travel Advantage , un Private App of services directly connected to the travel sector .

After analyzing the many benefits and after trying every possible “rip off” we understood its truthfulness and its current and future value and we acted accordingly investing in the platform and in our training .

The information that our colleagues in the Network and our Leaders had given us in order to start with our business and our personal growth were the classical methods of “recruitment” , here we mention some of them : Name List (amici, family members, acquaintances), Messages and Post SPAM , comments, become Influencer and much more ..

Il classic OFFLINE method which does not bring results and which ruins our reputation.

After almost a year , money spent, time spent, shattered dreams and hopes we realized we had to GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION , so we didn't get disheartened , we did not blame the company and the services, we bought a specific training course that gave us the right information and the right method to be able to recruit people in a serious way, professional and transform this into our WORK.

Revolution Travel is the name of our team , created by Chiara , Samuel e Matteo to share the right information and the right method for those who want to start with us.

We present you:


is an American company founded in 2013 and Yoni Ashurov, which has already led thousands of people around the world to change their lifestyle, helping them to travel more with very advantageous discounts and also helping them economically, by structuring a clear marketing plan, simple and accessible by all: with many levels and grades that can be overcome and with many areas of gain! And all this is possible in a single App : Travel Adventage! "We can also Accumulate"travel credits” e “loyalty points"And use them to further discount all the services of this Revolutionary App!